Letourneau Scrapers

We currently have the models below available for sale or in production.  We are always 
interested in purchasing used equipment that needs to be rebuilt.  We are interested in the 
following LeTourneau models:  LS, LSO, LP, LPO, FP, and W.  If you have used equipment 
for sale please
Contact Us.

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The LS is a 9 yard level and 11 yards heaped scraper weighing
15,000 pounds.  The cutting width is 8'6".  Tires usually 16:00
x 20 in the front and the rear.  We add 16" for a back plate to
make it a 12 yard scraper.  The LS is a very easy pulling 
scraper  and a very strong scraper.  Retail price in 1940 was 









The LSO is the same as an LS, but it has an open top like a CAT scraper.                                                        







The LP is a 12 yard and 15 yards heaped scraper weighing 
20,000 pounds.  The cutting width is 86.  The tires are 
18:00 x 24 in the front and the rear.  The retail price in 1940
was $5212.






LP-Direct Mount


The LP-Direct Mount is the same as the LP.  The only 
difference is that the top is cut off.   






The LPO is the same as an LP, but it is an open top like 
the Cat scraper.








The FP is a 15 yard and 18 yards heaped scraper 
weighing 24,000 pounds.  The cutting width is 10.  
The tires are 18:00 x 24 in the front and 18:00 x 24 
duals in the rear.  Retail price in 1941 was $7020.












The W is a 19 yard level and 23 yards heaped 
scraper weighing 35,000 pounds. The cutting width 
is 10.  The tires are 24:00 x 32 in the front and rear.  
The retail price in 1939 was $10,070.


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